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We have hosted the application veman vmware esx esxi manager in order to run this application in our online workstations with Wine or directly.

Quick description about veman vmware esx esxi manager:

vEMan - [v]Mware [E]SX [Man]ager provides a GUI for managing ESX servers natively from within your Linux desktop without the need to use Windows vSphere� anymore!

Support vEMan development for v2.0 by gofundme!
http: //

Why I started vEMan? Because I hate it to start my Windows VM to manage ESX(i) servers ;o)

vEMan is (maybe) not needed if you use vCenter 5.x: http: //
--> vSphere >= v5 has a "web client"
BUT keep in mind that there are caveats: Not all features are available in the web client AND it can connect to vCenters only (see: http: //

- ESX(i) v3.x or 4.x?
- v5.x - but no vCenter?
- you want a native Linux vSphere client?

Then try vEMan!

vEMan is not published or pronounced by VMware Inc. vEMan is an OpenSource project from a private person without any warranty or claim to bother VMware Inc. VMware,vSphere,ESX/ESXi,vCenter are trademarks by VMware Inc.

  • Support vEMan development for v2.0: http: //
  • Nice GUI for Linux users ;-)
  • Professional Support available!
  • Deploy OVF from a website to your ESX
  • Deploy OVF/VMX from local disk to your ESX
  • Show a list of all your online, suspended and offline VM's on your ESX
  • Supporting Ressource Pools
  • VM-Management: Console (Enable,Disable,Open)
  • VM-Management: Snapshots (Show,Revert to,Remove,Create,Rename)
  • VM-Management: Power (Stop,Shutdown,Reboot,Start,Suspend, Resume)
  • VM-Management: VM status (online/suspended/offline,CPU/MEM usage and many more)
  • VM-Management: Delete a VM
  • ESX-Information: Global CPU & MEM usage, ESX version and many more
  • ESX-Management: add user, change user passwords, change user roles, .
  • Planned (v1.0): Simple VM Editor (change CPU count and RAM, Rename VM)
  • Planned (v2.0): Rewrite vEMan in Python, Using pySphere library instead of VMware SDK
  • Planned (undecided): Browse datastorages
  • Planned (undecided): Upload file to a specific datastorage
  • Support vEMan development for v2.0: http: //

User interface: GTK+.
Programming Language: Unix Shell, Python, Perl.

Thomas Fischer IT - Security and Open Source Specialist. As the creator of vEMan Thomas Fischer provides Consulting, Support, Development around Security Proxys, Firewalls, VPN, Secure Remote Access, Malware Protection, GNU/Linux, Open Source tools like Nagios/Icinga/OMD/op5, OTRS, Webservers, DRBD, High Availability, Mailservers and of course for vEMan.

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