Secure apps and services with Winfy

Our secure services & win systems:

Run wine online for windows games and apps

Wine Basic

Install Wine online
VLC online

VLC online

Install VLC online
Notepad++ online

Notepad++ online

Install Notepad++ online
Run secure and anonymous Discord

Secure Discord - Cordfy

Install Discord online
Run secure and anonymous Instagram

Secure Instagram - Instafy

Install Instagram online
Run secure and anonymous

Secure - Twitfy

Install Twitch online
Run Format Factory online

Format Factory online

Install Format Factory online
Run ReactOS online for windows games and apps


Run Linux Windos theme online for windows games and apps

Win theme


Secure VPN and Win emulators

The main core Winfy platform is built using our Secured VPN, Linux wokstations, and Wine, which is a Windows Application Programing Interface (API) library. Our VPN is used by our cloud workstations in the cloud. And Wine is a compatibility layer so when a Windows program tries to perform a function, Wine will translate that program's instruction into one supported by the system.

Extra Windows experience

We also provide the online ReactOS and a Linux with a Windows theme online. (1) ReactOS online is an operating system based on the design principles found in the Windows NT architecture. Its goal is to provide an operating system binary compatible with Windows. (2) Windows10 online theme is a GTK theme created with a icon theme pack which can give a Linux a makeover like Windows 10’s fluent design.

GUI on top of VPN and Wine

We provide workstations fully secured where we have installed an online graphical user interface (GUI) on top of the Wine software that allows users to create machines online with multiple games and applications. This GUI will provide an intuitive and user-friendly approach to installing and configuring Win applications on Linux systems using Wine online.

Online wizard

We have a wizard-based approach that will guide users through the step-by-step process of setting up a secure services and Linus/Windows machine running on Wine. The Winfy wizard will allow to select the desired secure services running on top of our workstations or Linux/Windows.

Secure Services & apps selection

Users will be able to choose from a list of commonly used online secure services and applications or specify their own. The GUI will guide users through the installation process of them, either from local media or downloaded files. In case the selected applications require additional software dependencies, the GUI will prompt users for installation.

Free & without limitations

We believe in allowing our users to work with secure apps and services without any limitations so we provide this Winfy platform free of charge. Moreover, we know how important is to have a free solution like this these days. In fact, users will not be required to create an account or log in with any credentials.

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