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We have hosted the application twemproxy in order to run this application in our online workstations with Wine or directly.

Quick description about twemproxy:

twemproxy (pronounced "two-em-proxy"), aka nutcracker is a fast and lightweight proxy for memcached and redis protocol. It was built primarily to reduce the number of connections to the caching servers on the backend. This, together with protocol pipelining and sharding enables you to horizontally scale your distributed caching architecture. Fast and lightweight. Maintains persistent server connections. Keeps connection count on the backend caching servers low. Enables pipelining of requests and responses. Supports proxying to multiple servers. Supports multiple server pools simultaneously. Shard data automatically across multiple servers. Implements the complete memcached ascii and redis protocol. Easy configuration of server pools through a YAML file. Supports multiple hashing modes including consistent hashing and distribution. Can be configured to disable nodes on failures.

  • Observability via stats exposed on the stats monitoring port
  • Works with Linux, BSD, OS X and SmartOS (Solaris)
  • In twemproxy, all the memory for incoming requests and outgoing responses is allocated in mbuf
  • Twemproxy can be configured through a YAML file specified by the -c or --conf-file command-line argument on process start
  • The configuration file is used to specify the server pools and the servers within each pool that twemproxy manages
  • Twemproxy exposes stats at the granularity of server pool and servers per pool through the stats monitoring port

Programming Language: C.
HTTP Servers, Web Services

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