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We have hosted the application transcrypt in order to run this application in our online workstations with Wine or directly.

Quick description about transcrypt:

Lean and mean Python 3.6 to JavaScript compiler. Supports multiple inheritance, operator overloading and Python source level debugging, even of minified Javascript files.

Transcrypt code is as fast and compact as its Javascript counterpart, and it is precompiled for page load speed. You can now develop your web applications completely in Python, with full access to any Javascript library.

  • Clear standard syntax - Transcrypt has exactly the same clear, powerful syntax that Python is famous for, without the need for any proprietary extensions. It supports string slicing with [i: j: k], matrix and vector operations with +, -, *, / and more, out of the box. It compiles to compact, readable JavaScript that can be debugged from the Python source code using sourcemaps.
  • Superior scalability - Python was designed for large scale programs from the ground up. Hierarchical modules, local classes and multiple inheritance are all supported by Transcrypt, allowing a flexible, yet stable overall structure. Transcrypt comes integrated with a static type validator, a linter and a minifier, enabling effective cooperation of large teams on extensive projects.
  • One project, one language - Python is used everywhere at the back-end, from web servers to scientific computing. Now you can use it at the front-end as well. Transcrypt offers seamless access to any JavaScript library and also runs on top of Node.js. Python source code and JavaScript target code roughly have the same size, so your pages load as fast as ever.

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