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We have hosted the application test case generator in order to run this application in our online workstations with Wine or directly.

Quick description about test case generator:

Test case generation tool with graphical user interface.
Tool for competitive coders to generate custom Arrays, numbers, Graphs, matrices, Strings test cases.

Github: https: //github.com/sneh-m/Test-Case-Generator

Arrays formatting
+Random length or fixed length
+Range of numbers.
+Incresing, decreasing or random order
+Odd only, Even only, Prime only, or Any numbers

Matrix formatting
+No. of rows and column
+Row major or column major
+Odd only, even only, Prime only, or Any element
+Incresing, decreasing or random order

Graph formatting
+No of vertex and edges
+If weighed, min weight and max weight
+Allow multiple edges
+Allow self-loop
+Allow cycles
+Is directed

String formatting
+length fixed or random
+include A-Z
+include a-z
+include 0-9
+include custom char
+distinct character

Palindrome formatting
+Integer palindrome
+String Palindrome
+If integer palindrome range of numbers
+If String palindrome characters to include

  • Random number
  • Random Array
  • Random string
  • Random Graph input
  • Random palindrome

Audience: Testers.
User interface: Java Swing.
Programming Language: Java.


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