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We have hosted the application supernova programming language in order to run this application in our online workstations with Wine or directly.

Quick description about supernova programming language:

Modern scripting language and the first one that presents the concept of programming with direct fiction description using a clear subset of pure human language.
Using Supernova you can write the source code using Arabic and/or English keywords and you can create GUI applications for Windows and Linux.

  • Multi-Language Source Code (Arabic & English)
  • Not Case/Space/Tab/Line Sensitive (The Token is a letter)
  • Support GUI (Windows, Controls .etc)
  • Easy for users with no programming experience
  • Hybrid Implementation (Compiler + Virtual Machine)
  • Distribute executable applications (*.EXE)
  • Use Windows API and/or Call DLL Functions
  • Sound Player Library
  • Sound Recorder Library
  • Movie Player Library
  • Text processing Commands
  • Date & Time Commands
  • Pointer to Variables/Functions
  • Multi-Dimension Arrays
  • Create, Read and Write Data to Files
  • Good Documentation
  • Many Samples/Tests
  • COM Support & ADODB Sample
  • Include userDefineLang.XML for Notepad++
  • Multiplatform Edition (WIndows & Linux)
  • Create objects share the same name
  • Create objects carry more than one name
  • Create arrays with string index

Audience: Information Technology, Science/Research, Education, Advanced End Users, Developers, End Users/Desktop.
User interface: Win32 (MS Windows), Qt.
Programming Language: Project is a programming language.
Compilers, Virtual Machines, Artificial Intelligence

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