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Ripper Rom for the I9305

  • [ROM][12 MAR][XXBMB5-V11]Ripper Rom Smooth, Stable & Simple With OTA The goal is to supply the latest base firmware that is smooth, stable and with all useful mods and options. Rom has quite a few tweaks running with the classic rom init.d and build.prop tweaks for a large range of improvements and put together by my friend grgsiocl (please ask him for permission if wish to include his tweaks in your rom). There is no modem included in the flash so you will keep your current modem Ripper ROM V11 12 March 2013 Ripper ROM V11 Download Here (Sourceforge) Ripper ROM V11 Download Here (Google Drive) MD5: c951d3db041a79757a0e12cf760adf75 Re modded on XXBMB5 Base Re Added Multi CSC files as compatibility issues with JKay mod are now fixed Modded I9305 Camera included in base Includes all previous mods Ripper ROM V10 16 February 2013 Ripper ROM V10 Download Here (Sourceforge) Ripper ROM V10 Download Here (Google Docs) MD5: 062f04eb57b1a421caaac0af3f0e1eaf Modded based on latest ZHBMA5 Added extra languages to system and modded apks (Note: Not all apps will have multi language) Re checked media scanner fix code Added USB OTG wakelock fix Removed a couple of tweaks added after V9 in case had a reverse affect on battery All previous mods Maybe other little changes I forgot I forgot to include the modded I9305 Samsung Camera but will be available in Update Me under mods section Ripper ROM V9.6 13 February 2013 Ripper ROM V9.6 Download Here (Sourceforge) Ripper ROM V9.6 Download Here (Google Drive) MD5: dfc8a218cccdc772bcc6db3aa60de9f9 MA4 Base NFC With Screen Off Added extra audio tweaks Added extra battery tweaks Fixed issue with Jkay mod 14.91 and higher Removed Multi CSC All other mods from previous version Ripper ROM V9.5 1 February 2013 MA6 Base Included Stock Kernel Included I9305 Modded Camera Included Note 2 Keyboard Removed IP Call Added LTE And Extra Battery Tweak All Other Mods From Previous Versions Ripper ROM V9 20 January 2013 Ripper ROM V9 Download Here (Sourceforge) Ripper ROM V9 Mirror Download (Google Drive) MD5: 84722eb353df1d85de2b7bafffdb2d8d XXBMA3 Base Perseus 31.2 Kernel Send/receive MMS while data is toggled off Removed Preload Installer Added extra transparent areas for Status Bar dropdown Added Playstation Cert Files just install psm.apk if want to use All previous mods updated to MA3 base Ripper ROM V8 10 January 2013 I9305 XXBLL5 4.1.2 Base Deodexed Zipaligned Busy Box Root Added 4 way lockscreen rotation Added 4 way tw launcher rotation Added media scanner fix Thanks talexop Includes all mods in V7.1
  • Ripper ROM V7.1 Changes 31 December 2012 Note: This update is not needed if happy with V7 Re deodexed rom Added pop up player/browser fix into rom Added Gmail fix into rom Scrolling Cache Disabled Ripper ROM V7 Changlog 27 December 2012 I9305 XXBLL3 4.1.2 Base Stock Kernel Deodexed Zipaligned Rooted And BusyBox Unlimited and all apps can be added to multi window 4 Way screen rotation UpdateMe OTA App Created by acquariusoft Added some extra battery tweaks transparent systemui dropdown Toggle to enable jb lockscreen in lock screen options Thanks Tamerlan2009 long press menu to kill app ink effect lockscreen with 16 colours torch on lockscreen (Thanks Tamerlan2009) Thread 3 Way Reboot Menu (Removed Hot Boot Option) (Thanks Tamerlan2009) Thread Added Multi CSC (experimental) removed software update from settings added exit browser button added ip call added call and message block settings to settings added playstation certification just needs psm.apk installed manually Download Here Vol to skip tracks Crt off No Ascending Ringtone Init.d support ZipAlign at boot init.d tweak Classic Rom init.d tweaks Classic Rom build prop tweaks Large selection of system languages Removed hubs (HelpHub, MusicHub etc) and most bloatware ChineseIME Camera sounds on/off option 4.2 Android Keyboard Hacked email and exchange Hide sms from call log Call Rec Mod Scrolling wallpaper enabled Modded browser for up to 200 tabs Dock icons in launcher can be moved and changed Roletube app (download videos from youtube) Slightly transparent status bar % battery mod Mms mod for up to 200 contacts Single mms limit changed from 140 characters to 160 Removed rotate button from gallery No sms to mms conversion Sms and mms show sent time not received time
  • Add Ons Included In Update Me Fixes Add/Remove Apps Add removed apks from original rom Remove more apks to make rom lighter JKay Mod Files Install JKay mod Thread Jkay Mod Revert MotoMoto Theme for Jkay mod Thread JB Domination Theme for JKay mod Thread Website Alexander Theme for Jkay mod Thread Transparent dropdown for jkay mod Ripper Rom battery icon for jkay mod Sensation 3.0 theme battery icon for Jkay Hi res Xperia Blue Theme By Krs007 Thread Mods 240DPI Mod Thanks bala_gamer Thread Disable Full Charge Notification AOSP Email and Exchange Remove Boot Sound TW Launcher No Scrolling Wallpaper TW Launcher Without Rotation and With Scrolling Wallpaper Note 2 SNote V3 By Arsaw Thread AC!D Audio Engine More Info Here Remove Long Press Menu To Kill App Disable Crt Off 23 Toggle Mod stock themed Mega Bass Beats by DeHuMaNiZeD Thread Inverted gapps (Google Now, Play Store, Gmail) Thanks TUN_SD Themes JB Domination Theme By Vertumus Thread Website JB Domination Black Mode 23 Toggle Mod JB Domination MotoMoto Blue theme By MotoMoto Thread Alexander Theme By Alexanter The Great Thread(Only compatible with 23 Toggle Mod) Ripper ROM Included SystemUI Stock SystemUI Multi Window Themes By WhiskyBro Thread Brushed Metal Red button glass Green button glass Green button 2 glass Blue button glass Black button glass Black Blue JB style Battery Icons Sensation Theme 3 Blue battery Kernels Stock Kernel Latest Perseus 31.2 Kernel Modems AELK2 BUALI6 DVALI5 DXALI7 UBALK2 XXALI5 XXALI7 XXALI8 XXALI9 XXALJ2 XXALK2 XXALK3 XXBLL3 XXBLL5 ZHALI2


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