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We have hosted the application recycler in order to run this application in our online workstations with Wine or directly.

Quick description about recycler:

With manual recycling it is absolutely impossible to write clean, secure and stable code! At least if projects reach a certain size.
Imagine: You are required to code a library that will be used in various projects.
Should the library functions recycle the Domino objects they use, or not? Of course they must recycle, because you don't know how many object handles the final application will use and your ones might be too much, if not recycled. On the other hand, libraries must never ever recycle any Domino object. As you probably know, every Domino object has no more than one Java object. And if a library function uses an object (i.e. a view) that is also used by the caller (or any other object), recycling this object will bring the caller in trouble! This makes recycling an insecure operation if you don't know exactly the current state of the application.
Recycler removes this problems because it keeps track of all Domino objects and recycles those that are no longer used.

Programming Language: Java.


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