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We have hosted the application realistic 3d roulette sim unity in order to run this application in our online workstations with Wine or directly.

Quick description about realistic 3d roulette sim unity:

This is a realistic 3D roulette simulation game with source code for many platforms.
*The source code simulates random spins realistically rolling to a random number,or a predetermined number from 0 to 36.You can write your own subroutine for predetermined numbers& plug it into the existing code.An example such subroutine is given.
*Publish to android,Win,Webplayer,mobile &more platforms using the unity .
*Currently it has basic virtual coins betting system implemented: colour red/black bet,a single number bet-source code that is easily extendable to other standard roulette bets
*Can change the camera view from above roulette table to near wheel,code can easily be extended for other views.
If you know what you are doing you can control the game more precisely such as exactly how wheel+ball spins.
The game is modelled using realistic physics of Unity its easy to tweak using the unity GUI.Lots of tweak&changes you can try (e.g. time for a spin,long/short already coded.

  • Balls can roll to a random or predetermined number (e.g. your own pseudo random number generator)
  • A basic virtual coins betting system implemented
  • Rolls realisitically-uses the Unity physics engine.
  • source code is much commented making it easy to understand
  • shorter or longer spins can be implmented by changing one line of code
  • Publish to Webplayer, Android or Windows using Unity
  • I could not find any open source 3D realistic roulette project for Unity 3D (or any game good engine)- so here is one.
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