readable lisp s expressions online with Winfy

We have hosted the application readable lisp s expressions in order to run this application in our online workstations with Wine or directly.

Quick description about readable lisp s expressions:

This project is dedicated to developing more readable format(s) for Lisp-based languages (such as Common Lisp and Scheme) and implementing those formats (readers, pretty-printers, editor macros, etc.). MIT license preferred, to spread them widely.

  • Infix notation, e.g., {3 + 4} in addition to (+ 3 4)
  • Optional traditional function notation, e.g., f(.) in addition to (f .)
  • Optional indentation support greatly reduces the need for parentheses
  • Works on any data or program (it is general and homoiconic)

Audience: Science/Research, Advanced End Users, Developers.
User interface: Console/Terminal, Command-line.
Programming Language: Lisp, Common Lisp, Scheme.


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