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We have hosted the application rbatis in order to run this application in our online workstations with Wine or directly.

Quick description about rbatis:

A highly Performant, Safe, Dynamic SQL(Compile-time) ORM framework written in Rust, inspired by Mybatis and MybatisPlus. Zero cost Dynamic SQL, implemented using (proc-macro,compile-time, Cow (Reduce unnecessary cloning)) techniques, don't need ONGL engine(mybatis) Free deserialization, Auto Deserialize to any struct(Option,Map,Vec.) High performance, Based on Future, with async_std/tokio, single threaded benchmark can easily achieve 200,000 QPS. logical deletes, pagination, py-like SQL and basic Mybatis functionalities. Supports logging, customizable logging based on log crate. 100% Safe Rust with #![forbid(unsafe_code)] enabled. rbatis/example (import into Clion!). abs_admin project an complete background user management system( Vue.js+rbatis+actix-web).

  • No Runtimes
  • Free deserialization
  • Logical deletes
  • 100% Safe Rust
  • Supports logging
  • High performance

Programming Language: Rust.
Database, User Management

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