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We have hosted the application prtos preemptive rtos for bare metal aps in order to run this application in our online workstations with Wine or directly.

Quick description about prtos preemptive rtos for bare metal aps:

V103 Manual & minor bug fix

PRTOS is an open-source preemptive real time operating system kernel for bare-metal applications. It presently supports the AVR and MSP430 architectures.

PRTOS is released by Cleveland Engineering Design, LLC - the developer of the CoRTOS cooperative RTOS
https: //

The advantages of PRTOS are:

It has the smallest footprint of any true preemptive system: 1.9kB for basic scheduling and task control, 5.1kB with all the features below (AVR '328 / gcc -Os);

Only 950 lines of code implement all of the RTOS features (SLOC-L);

The system is well documented with a short but comprehensive manual, well-commented source code, and a test suite demonstrating the features;

The system is proven - it has been in use since 1982 with applications in in-vitro medical equipment, process control instrumentation and industrial machinery;

It is released under a GPL V3 license and commercial licensing is available.

  • Preemptive and round-robin scheduling
  • Signaling from task to task and ISR to task
  • Delay and timeout functions
  • Periodic signals
  • Messaging and priority messaging
  • Mutexes with priority inversion mitigation and FIFO or priority queuing
  • Semaphores - binary, signaling and counting

Audience: Developers, Architects, Engineering.

Programming Language: C.


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