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We have hosted the application primal rad in order to run this application in our online workstations with Wine or directly.

Quick description about primal rad:

PRIMAL can be used to route, modify and store DICOM Radiology image files.

Typically this tool is put between a image acquisition station (modality) and a PACS to route images and modify the DICOM tags in ways that are not easy to do on the acquisition station but needs to be done prior to the study arriving at the PACS.

PRIMAL is designed to turn a Fedora or Redhat Linux server into a DICOM routing appliance. Most information can be viewed through the web interface.

Commercial support provided at http: //

  • DICOM study routing
  • Conditional DICOM tag modifictaion
  • Study storage (configurable time periods)
  • Data normaization
  • Deduplication (won't send the identical study multiple times)
  • Multiplexing (send study to multiple destinations)
  • Prefetching (pull configurable number of priors from up to 10 different archives by number or study date)
  • Tag modification based on HL7 messages
  • Study merging
  • Automatic resending of studies (configurable)
  • Lossless compression and/or decompression (configurable per destination)
  • Impersonation (assume the AET of the source device when sending)

Audience: Healthcare Industry.
User interface: Web-based.
Programming Language: Unix Shell, C++, PHP.
Database Environment: MySQL.


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