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We have hosted the application php checkin checkout in order to run this application in our online workstations with Wine or directly.

Quick description about php checkin checkout:

The aim of the software is to allow you to keep track of who checks in an item and who checks it out of a building or facility to enhance security of your patrons items.

The sostware is PHP-MySQL based with an easy to install procedure.

The perfect scenario for the software's application would be at your local library. There are patrons coming in and going out with items like laptops for internet browsing. The problem arises when one leaves their laptop in the reading area and someone else walks with it out of the library without being noticed.

This software seeks to solve such a problem by having all items and their owners being registered on a database and each time they come to the library/facility, they are checked in. Then when they leave, they are checked out, ensuring that one only leaves with what actually belongs to them as registered on the database.

Installation instructions: http: //

  • Patron management with unique identifiers
  • Items management with unique identifiers and patron associated
  • Customizable web based user interface
  • Image features to identify patrons correctly
  • Easy navigation features


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