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Quick description about phoenix iii:

The only way to found out your limits is to cross the boundaries of your own mind! Who
said Rome can't wait until the Age of Renaissance or that China should be dominated by
Manchu instead of Khan Dynasty?! Phoenix game would gave you the power of ruler,
challenged with the survival of his (her) state, internal and political problems.
Phoenix time scope is 11 AD - 2010 AD, with beautiful and rich map composed by 3283
provinces. If you are sick from wastelands, lack of small and unpopular states or the short
timeline of Europa Universalis III this mod will grab your attention.

The main aim of the game remains unchanged, but spiced up - you have to guide your
state in the cruel political realm, managing to hold on it as long as possible. Some players
goes further craving to seize the Golden Constantinople, holding firmly the trade between
Europe and Asia, occupy the Holy town of Jerusalem.


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