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We have hosted the application pastecontrol in order to run this application in our online workstations with Wine or directly.

Quick description about pastecontrol:

Accessing clipboard is nothing very new in HTML 5. Gone are the days to print the screen of your computer, save it and upload it t server via File Up-loader. We , instead, experience the richness of the web by simply pasting our content on the web page itself. A very good example of the same may be experienced when you paste a screen shot on Github web itself .
This project encourages developers to have such facility in the simple Java web application they develop. It's assumed that these developers are not using JSF Vaadin or ZK- any RIA framework already providing a component for uploading your clipboard content .
This API is for those who use vanilla Servlet /JSP with some client side framework like Angular JS and Bootstrap , for example.
The target beneficiary of this project are those who restrict server side to Vanilla Servlet /JSP and might come across such need often.For them, this API is good with regard to simplicity and over-head.
Plus, YOU NEED NOT CODE at all.

  • Uploads clipBoard content image
  • A pure Java, simple API
  • Works with Vanilla Servlet/JSP application
  • NO CODING is required
  • Option for customization is preserved though
  • No need to over burden your project with JSF,ZK etc. for this requirement

Audience: Developers, Architects.
User interface: Web-based.
Programming Language: JavaScript, Java.


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