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We have hosted the application page js in order to run this application in our online workstations with Wine or directly.

Quick description about page js:

There are multiple ways to install page.js. With package managers. Setup redirect from one path to another. Calling page.redirect with only a string as the first parameter redirects to another route. Waits for the current route to push state and after replaces it with the new one leaving the browser history clean. If you're doing selective binding you'll like want to pass { click: false } to specify this yourself. Exit routes are called when a page changes, using the context from the previous change. Create a new page instance with the given options. Use this if you need to control multiple windows (like iframes or popups) in addition to the main window. The router uses the same string-to-regexp conversion that Express does, so things like ": id", ": id?", and "*" work as you might expect.

  • Has the ability to pass multiple callbacks
  • Flatten nested callbacks, or simply to abstract components
  • page.js has a single "Context" object
  • Omits queries when a user presses back
  • It works in older version of Internet Explorer that don't support pushState
  • Configure your environment to point to your project's main file

Programming Language: JavaScript.


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