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Quick description about ox attribute grammar compiling system:

Ox is an attribute grammar compiling system, based on Yacc, Lex, and C/C++.

Ox generalizes the function of Yacc in the way that attribute grammars generalize context-free grammars. Ordinary Yacc and Lex specifications can be augmented with definitions of synthesized and inherited attributes written in C/C++ syntax. From these specifications, Ox generates a program that builds and decorates attributed parse trees.

The user can specify parse-tree traversals for easy ordering of side effects such as code generation. Ox handles the tedious and error-prone details of writing code for parse-tree management, so its use eases problems of security and maintainability associated with that aspect of translator development.

  • Ox works with AT&T yacc & lex, flex, bison, byacc, btyacc & msta
  • Ox has been compiled & tested under macOS, Ubuntu Linux, Solaris, Windows/Cygwin & Windows/Msys2
  • Ox & Ox-generated code has been compiled & tested using the GNU, LLVM, Solaris & Apple Xcode Command Line Tools C/C++ compilers.
  • Ox accepts arbitrary non-circular attribute grammars (constrained by the underlying parser generator used)

Audience: Developers.
User interface: Command-line.
Programming Language: C++, C.


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