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We have hosted the application n2k os freedos distro in order to run this application in our online workstations with Wine or directly.

Quick description about n2k os freedos distro:

N2K-OS is a Graphics User Interface built for MS-DOS, FreeDOS, and DOSBox. Testing models have even shown that they will run in a Virtual Machine as well.

Initially being built on a 486 Machine that ranks as a low end Pentium 1, with 40 megabytes of ram, it currently runs like a dream for any machine of similar nature with SuperVGA and 256 Colors with ability to reach 800x600 (and soon to be much higher resolutions than that).

Slowly being developed over the last few years (each time ending in disaster), a new platform showed up. Entirely coded in QBasic 7.1 with additional libraries, we've achieved goals we never thought even possible in QBasic til now.
So far what works:
Both mouse buttons however the menus for the right hand click aren't available yet.
S on the Keyboard enables the screensaver
R on the Keyboard redraws the screen.
Clock Widget works.
'About' Window works.
Toolbar top works
Setting time and date works
Takes 999,999 Screenshots as SS#.bmp

  • Point and Click Interface
  • Boasts 1024x768 8bit to 1600x1200 32bit Color Modes
  • Live Clock Widget
  • Desktop Screenshot built in function
  • "Close everything on the Desktop" Feature
  • Use of GIF files makes it VERY small yet very powerful.
  • Should run on a 386 or higher with as little as 16 meg ram
  • Takes 999,999 screenshots before "rolling the odometer over"
  • Color coded file recognition making it easier to spot desired files.
  • Full display of computer statistics including a graphical readout of hard drive space
  • Support for VESA (16 and 32 bit)
  • Unlimited desktop icons
  • Preloaded with 40 background desktop wallpapers
  • Support for Soundblaster and other soundcards
  • PCI card drivers preloaded.
  • Preloaded with its own titles.


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