midi router online with Winfy

We have hosted the application midi router in order to run this application in our online workstations with Wine or directly.

Quick description about midi router:

Midi router - anywhere to anywhere.

Client git (vuejs, typescript, electron):
https: //github.com/shemeshg/midi-router-client
Server git (C++, Qt webchannel):
https: //github.com/shemeshg/RtMidiWrap

Online client (works localhost only since ws over https):
https: //shemeshg.github.io/midirouter-online/#/

Mac OSX homebrew (Recommended method):
brew cask install midi-router-client.

  • Route anywhere to anywhere.
  • Create virtual port.
  • Route from WebMidiJs client to server and back.
  • Route from server to server.
  • All routing in RealTime with no latency.
  • Route from one event type to another. (cc to pitch wheel)
  • Route to/from 14bit CC
  • Monitor midi input.
  • Build Custom controls to send CC/Program Change/NRPN.
  • Custom Program Change dropdown.
  • Transpose/Harmonize
  • Create presets, controled by any midi event
  • NRPN to CC
  • CC to NRPN
  • Monitor NRPN

Audience: Advanced End Users.
User interface: Qt, Electron.
Programming Language: C++, TypeScript.

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