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We have hosted the application metawarej in order to run this application in our online workstations with Wine or directly.

Quick description about metawarej:

MetaWareJ´┐Ż is a framework for creating web-based business applications dealing with data input, validation and processing, based on client's requirements and rules.

Examples of these are any type of inventory, invoicing, customer database, sales, application bridges, government projects (customs, ports, civil registry, internal revenue), etc.

MetaWareJ´┐Ż is an open source application, licensed under GNU Affero General Public License.
Applications built with MetaWareJ´┐Ż are Java web applications utilizing HTML/JavaScript.
MetaWareJ´┐Ż can produce a variety of outputs such as charts, PDF reports, CSV exports etc.
Screens are simple and homogeneous, the programmer does not have to spend any time to maintain them.
The programmer defines the data to be retrieved, the updating of tables, the validations and the screen content in a very simple MetaWareJ´┐Ż XML language
Producing outputs of different formats does not require any re-programming (or designing) of the output.

  • built-in MetaWareJ´┐Ż functionalities are: - search: find what you are looking for (result set) based on your search criteria,
  • navigate through your result set (previous, next , goto page),
  • export your result set in CSV,XML,PDF form,
  • export/import from a file,
  • popups for searching/updating maintenance entities while inserting/editing a transaction,
  • tabpages to group information,
  • user defined report capability,
  • same report different output
  • auditing and audit reporting,
  • menu builder

Audience: Developers.
User interface: Java Swing, Handheld/Mobile/PDA, Web-based.
Programming Language: Java.
Database Environment: JDBC.

Office/Business, Frameworks

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