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We have hosted the application linux from scratch gnu linux x lfs 2010 in order to run this application in our online workstations with Wine or directly.

Quick description about linux from scratch gnu linux x lfs 2010:

Builds GNU/Linux from termcap and gcc up to X11 Firefox-20.0 lite. It is %100 GNU/Linux from source compiled on your box (and ready to change) "without any known build fails". It's not a fork of any distro.

It's <2 Mega Byte download!

%100 built on your box overnight.

You are distro admin!

350+ pkgs: ie, ddd, gs xpdf, motif-2.5.0 cde-2.2.4*, fvwm2, firefox-6.0/20.0 lite, qt-4.7.4 lite, gnome-1.4 w/gedit, postgres, apache, php, and more. 1.5G installed, 8G w/dirty src dirs intact.

Easy 1-2-3 Instruction list (just several commands) to build all 350+ NON-STOP (no known bugs)

Runs Mathematica 4.0+ fully (highest/lowest ver unk).

XLogin setup optional (xdm-options)

Simplicity: build is a simple 394k script with all pkg-ver specific fixes to see

PREREQUISITES: linux kernel 2.6+, /boot if grub-0.95 is too old, /etc (a clean slate) is boot ready if you install chroot2 as "/". provide your fav firewall prog


  • NEW NEWS: (x-lfs includes a minimal near bootable /etc). NEW Separate download: "working and in-use� redacted /boot /etc /scripts (one server, one lan client), improved*. These redacted configs boot into X11, automatic networking (ipv4), many months handfree use runtime surely, ipv4 topology firewall (custom site ware used for years), plus more. As such, provides example of x-lfs-2010 in use. The improvement still requires editing (ie /etc/fstabs) but the re-redaction should produces a usable system that aside, and is in-use that way.
  • OLDER NEWS: EasyMotif, Xplore, and CDE-2.2.4 (builds %100, see ERRATA.CDE i dont suggest using in a LFS)
  • OLDER NEWS: wget download fixes (ie URL issues, .gz issues) (does not effect build)
  • gcc-4.4.5 glibc-2.11.2 gcc- libc-5.4.46
  • XFree86-4.8.0 or X11R7.6, FireFox-20.0 ff-6.0 lite, qt-everywhere-opensource-src-4.7.4 lite
  • motif-2.5.0 w/panner, CDE, xpdf , gs , 350+ more
  • RUNS mathematica-4.0.2 fully (and unlike microsoft release runs without continually crashing or showing wrong math symbols). due to X11 runs remote desktop any-way using just one command extra (no vnc or remote desktop required).
  • RUNS most* debian sarge squeeze BINS (any, libs intently left out aside)
  • EASY 123: type in several commands (about 10), it builds all non-stop - overnight* is done (overnight: just 1 Ghz cpu and just 1.3G installed; 8G disk space including full dirty src dirs and all backup tarballs).
  • no known bugs - should build non-stop
  • EASY TO EXTEND - just add name to build.list, edit in a fix if needed in ./build, run build (Ctrl-C happy, redo happy, simple list happy)
  • firefox-20.0 now runs nearly speed of 5.0 if Courier fonts are chosen as default
  • yes, XFree86-4.8.0 runs Firefox-20.0 light* (same light whichever X is picked)
  • includes basic unix admin, server, router pkgs
  • GOAL: is not to have every 5th toe bin fully sourced but a firm OS fully sourced base, facilitating import of (automake) src pkg, or running 5th toe bins (debian or slackware maybe other) pre-2010
  • GOAL: I may be wrong but freeBSD-4.3 compiles minimal toolchain/base from scratch (not unlike build-0.1, infact build-0.1 imports some BSD pkgs) - but there was no linux equivalent. Linux distros generally kept build of 'base' (toochain, from scratch) vested if not obstructed.
  • 2010 is an era of not demanding Xorg, or demanding Wayland gnome3 with X11 deleted, not demanding "anyone is in my pc" remote hacks remote debug at boot or ssh, not demanding systemd(1) replace init(1); New, but not too new (a preferece era for some). x-lfs itself does nothing to prevent these from being used.
  • CAVEATE: limited scope , it is what it is, linux gnu based 2010
  • CAVEATE: does not readily go into past or future? your mileage may vary.
  • CAVEATE: pkgs cannot build if 2010 toolchain too old or new (some fix easy, some not), though many old and new pkg 'just build'
  • CAVEATES: a short list (ie, cc) is in tarball README
  • caveate: mathematica - LaTeX is not built by build-0.1 (quite large complicated*) but you can use debian's, and see ERRATA.mathematica about settings up gs fonts for LaTex
  • PACKAGE TOOL: None, but use what works? (see source forge x-lfs Discussions page)

Audience: Information Technology, System Administrators, Developers.
User interface: Console/Terminal.
Programming Language: Unix Shell.


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