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We have hosted the application learning with texts lwt in order to run this application in our online workstations with Wine or directly.

Quick description about learning with texts lwt:

Learning with Texts (LWT):

Learning with Texts (LWT) is a tool for Language Learning -- inspired by Stephen Krashen's principles in Second Language Acquisition, Steve Kaufmann's LingQ System, ideas from Khatzumoto (AJATT = "All Japanese All The Time") and the Vera F. Birkenbihl Approach to Language Learning. Read & listen, save & test words in context!

  • Learning with Texts (LWT) is a tool for Language Learning, inspired by Stephen Krashen's principles in Second Language Acquisition, Steve Kaufmann's LingQ System, and ideas from Khatzumoto, published at "AJATT - All Japanese All The Time".
  • You define languages you want to learn.
  • You define the web dictionaries you want to use.
  • You define how sentences and words in the language will be split up.
  • You upload texts, and they are automatically split into sentences and words! Later re-parsing is possible.
  • Optional: Assign the URL of an mp3 audio file of the text in order to listen while reading the text.
  • You read the text while listening to the audio, and you see immediately the status of every word (unknown, learning, learned, well-known, ignored).
  • You click on words, and you use the external dictionaries to find out their meanings.
  • You save words or expressions (2.9 words) with optional romanization (for asiatic languages), translations and example sentence, you change its status, you edit them whenever needed (like in LingQ).
  • Use tags to categorize your terms and texts.
  • Test your understanding of words and expressions within or without sentence context.
  • MCD (Massive-Context Cloze Deletion) testing, as proposed by Khatzumoto @ AJATT, built in!
  • See your progress on the statistics page.
  • You may export the words and expressions and use them in Anki or other programs.
  • You may upload words and expressions into LWT (from LingQ or other sources, CSV/TSV) - they are immediately available in all texts!
  • New since Version 1.5.0: Create and edit an improved annotated text version (as interlinear text) for online or offline learning. Motivation: Annotated texts (as interlinear text) have been used for language learning for a long time. One example are the word-by-word translations in the Assimil courses. The German Vera F. Birkenbihl proposes the creation of interlinear word-by-word or hyperliteral translations (she named this creation "decoding") in foreign language learning. See: "The Birkenbihl-Approach to Language Learning", Link: http: //tinyurl.com/birkenbihl-method
  • New since Version 1.5.3: Multiple Table Sets / Multi User Setup.
  • New since Version 1.5.5: LWT - WordPress integration & user authentication
  • The application is 100 % free, open source, and in the Public Domain. Do with it what you like!
  • Prerequisites: a local web server (Apache, PHP, MySQL), e.g. EasyPHP (Win), or MAMP (Mac), or a LAMP-Server (Linux).
  • LWT runs great on an iPad, etc., too!
  • Enjoy your language learning and reading of texts in foreign languages!
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  • TEST LWT. (Don't use for productive work!)
  • Go to http: //lwt.sourceforge.net/testdb . UID=lwt, PWD=lwt
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  • UPDATE June 7, 2018: LWT source code is no longer available @ GitHub.

Audience: Education, End Users/Desktop.
User interface: Web-based.
Programming Language: PHP, JavaScript.
Database Environment: MySQL.

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