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We have hosted the application l7 in order to run this application in our online workstations with Wine or directly.

Quick description about l7:

L7 is a WebGL-based open source large-scale geospatial data visual analysis development framework launched by Ant Financial's AntV data visualization team. The L in L7 stands for Location, and the 7 stands for the seven continents of the world, implying the ability to provide visual analysis for global location data. L7 focuses on the visual expression of data, and realizes clear and effective expression from data to information through the setting of visual variables such as color, size, texture, direction, and volume. L7 can meet common map charts, visual analysis of BI systems, and application system development needs such as spatial information management and analysis in the fields of GIS, transportation, electricity, land, agriculture, and cities. Supports many base map, many rendering engines, and layer free customization, extension, combination. Supports multiple base maps, rendering engines, layers can be customized, expanded, and combined freely.

  • Data-driven, flexible data mapping, from numbers to shapes, supports rich map visualization types, and provides better insights into data
  • 2D, 3D integrated massive data high-performance rendering
  • Massive spatial data is real-time, interactive, and dynamically rendered
  • Simple and flexible data access
  • Support CSV, JSON, GeoJSON and other data format access, you can customize the data format according to your needs, without complex spatial data conversion
  • Multi-map basemap support, support offline intranet deployment

Programming Language: TypeScript.
Frameworks, GIS

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