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We have hosted the application joern in order to run this application in our online workstations with Wine or directly.

Quick description about joern:

Joern is a platform for analyzing source code, bytecode, and binary executables. It generates code property graphs (CPGs), a graph representation of code for cross-language code analysis. Code property graphs are stored in a custom graph database. This allows code to be mined using search queries formulated in a Scala-based domain-specific query language. Joern is developed with the goal of providing a useful tool for vulnerability discovery and research in static program analysis.

  • Joern allows importing code even if a working build environment cannot be supplied or parts of the code are missing
  • Joern creates semantic code property graphs from the fuzzy parser output and stores them in an in-memory graph database
  • SCPGs are a language-agnostic intermediate representation of code designed for query-based code analysis
  • Joern provides a taint-analysis engine that allows the propagation of attacker-controlled data in the code to be analyzed statically
  • Joern offers a strongly-typed Scala-based extensible query language for code analysis based on Gremlin-Scala
  • Code property graphs are multi-layered, offering information about code on different levels of abstraction

Programming Language: Java.
Source Code Analysis

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