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We have hosted the application java valves in order to run this application in our online workstations with Wine or directly.

Quick description about java valves:

This Project aims at developing generic Valves for Containers like Tomcat.Development will be aimed at providing detailed request tracing valves based on the native logger valves.This project is created and architected by Arunn John Moothedathu (

  • Trace IP Addresses Making requests to the Server for Security Analysis.
  • Calculate Time Taken for each request for Performance Tuning Purposes.
  • Capture Request Header,Request Attributes,Parameters and Cookies for HTTP Debugging and 3rd Party Integration.
  • Customizable Patterns and Group Patterns for general Usage.
  • Capture the Entire Data in the Request Pipeline .
  • No need to repeat code in each application Since,The Valve will affect the entire Container and all the applications Deployed in the Server.
  • The jar files emitted from this project can be loaded to the Tomcat Server runtime alongside Servlet , Catalina and Coyote Api.
  • Platform Independent.Can run on any jre.
  • Easily Configurable- Put the jar file in server classpath and make one line entry in server.xml.
  • Online Support Available .
  • Capture User details making the request.
  • Capture Protocol details such as HTTP Status Codes.
  • Capture Session ID such as JSESSIONID etc.
  • Capture Request Processing Thread details of each indivicual Request.
  • Code is extendible to build more features .
  • Reduces Development and Debugging time drastically.

Audience: Information Technology, Developers.
User interface: Plugins.
Programming Language: Java.
Database Environment: XML-based.

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