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We have hosted the application jafaran in order to run this application in our online workstations with Wine or directly.

Quick description about jafaran:

Jafaran (Java Fast Random) provides fast, and for some more random, implementations of java.util.Random, with additional nextXXX() methods, and methods to retrieve and restore state.

The names of implementations contain "Conc" (for concurrent) if they are thread-safe and non-blocking, or "Seq" (for sequential) if they are not thread-safe.

Also provides an implementation of Ziggurat algorithm (based on J. A. Doornik paper, 2005), used by nextGaussian() methods of the provided implementations.

Requires Java 5 or later.

Also available on github since 2015/12/13:
https: //github.com/jeffhain/jafaran

Principal classes:

- Implementations using Mersenne-Twister algorithm (good pseudo-randomness):

- Implementations using Marsaglia Xor-Shift (fast):
MXSIntSeqRNG (32 bits)
MXSLongSeqRNG (64 bits) (nextLong() faster, larger period)

- Ziggurat: Random-based implementation of Ziggurat algorithm.

Audience: Science/Research, Developers.

Programming Language: Java.


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