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We have hosted the application ivl in order to run this application in our online workstations with Wine or directly.

Quick description about ivl:

ivl is a full-header template C++98 math library with convenient yet powerful syntax. It extends classic C++ syntax towards mathematical notation while making use of the language's elements like classes, structs, operators and functions. Expression written using ivl are excessively optimized.

In other words, ivl allows writing simpler and more expressive statements using math-like formulas while taking care of optimizing them.

ivl features arrays, tuples and custom function-like objects with left-right overloading, function pipelining and function vectorization, automatic lazy evaluation, sub-arrays and other views of a single or multidimensional arrays, stl-compatible iterators, multidimensional iterators and multithreading.

ivl includes a rich set of functions and operators, including operations for image processing.
Seperate modules are also included.
The module ivl-lina implements a linear algebra LAPACK wrapper.
The module ivl-cv integrates OpenCV into ivl.

Audience: Science/Research, Developers.

Programming Language: C++.


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