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We have hosted the application imppath in order to run this application in our online workstations with Wine or directly.

Quick description about imppath:

Very basic path manipulation library. Aims to be simple, intuitive and predictable (not universal).

Works with std: : string and std: : wstring.

Configurable to support both POSIX and Windows paths (drive letters only - no schemas, network paths etc), as well as some custom formats (with limitations for simplicity).

All configurations understand "." (parent directory) and "." (current directory) and handle them during normalization. However, this library never tries to access any real file systems, and thus doesn't know anything about symbolic links.

Primarily designed for usage in a secure environment with known simple limitations. For example, for working with internal application resource paths referencing a "sandboxed" virtual filesystem (like with PhysicsFS). Platform-specific path support is mainly intended for tools (e.g. map editor) which need to share a common code base (and perhaps some hard-coded resources) with the main sandboxed application (e.g. game).

Audience: Developers.

Programming Language: C++.


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