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We have hosted the application hyperarp in order to run this application in our online workstations with Wine or directly.

Quick description about hyperarp:

HyperArp is an arpegiator with melodic lines. It is a MIDI software : you can use a MIDI output port (external or internal) to hear the arpeggios. The purpose of the software is to create a melody on arpeggios. You can export your composition under MIDI File format. The first step is to create a series of chords by drag and drop on a timeline of measures. Then you build the pattern of your arpeggio using different tracks associated with a MIDI channel: 6 MIDI tracks are available for blocks. The block of a track can change during the execution of the arpeggios thanks to a system of variations. Moreover, there are 2 Piano Roll tracks to customize your arpeggio with additional melodies.

  • HyperArp Is an Arpegiator Software.
  • It is designed to create melodies on arpeggios.
  • An Arpeggio is built from a chords sequence defined by drag and drop.
  • An Arpeggio is built using parameters contained in a block.
  • A block is associated with a MIDI track
  • A MIDI track can contain several blocks associated with the measures of a TimeLine using a system of variations.
  • You have a maximum of 6 MIDI tracks to build an Arpeggio
  • You have 2 Piano Roll tracks to customize your arpeggio with additional melodic or harmonic lines.
  • You can define playable scales on the chords sequence defining the arpeggios play.
  • These scales appear in piano roll editors as a "MIDI Layers" to help melodies composition.
  • HyperArp can use Microsoft GS Wavetable Synth
  • HyperArp can use any MIDI output (internal/external) installed on a PC.
  • HyperArp can export your creations in a MIDI file format.
  • You can use HyperArp files to import them into HyperVoicing software and use its features especially in terms of harmonic analysis.


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