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We have hosted the application goldbug encrypted communications in order to run this application in our online workstations with Wine or directly.

Quick description about goldbug encrypted communications:

GoldBug is a decentralized & secure communication suite that offers an integrated e-mail client, an instant messenger & a file transfer. Also included is an URL-RSS-DB & a p2p web search.

Current vers. w/ McEliece Algorithm.

GoldBug has been 2013 - 2023 ten years just another Graphical User Interface of the Spot-On Encryption Suite.
Main GUI features: Minimal & colorful Interface with Tabs in the East.

Microsoft & Qt MinGW deprecated Win32 & for Compiling:
? https: //

As Spot-On implemented the minimal GB-concept & Nuvola Icons, GoldBug has now been fully integrated into Spot-On Win64:
Just choose Tabs at East & Mini-View in Options - w/ Nuvola Icons of course! Voil�! & Many Thanks, Pro-Files can be found archived at
? current source: https: //

? EN Manual: https: //
? DE: https: //
? Study: https: //

  • Alpha processors.
  • Authenticated and encrypted SQLite and PostgreSQL URL databases.
  • BSD license.
  • Bluetooth, SCTP, TCP, UDP.
  • Configurable thread priorities.
  • Custom URL rules.
  • Custom socket options.
  • DSA, ECDSA, EdDSA, ElGamal, McEliece, NTRU, RSA.
  • DTLS.
  • Debian packages.
  • Distributed URL system.
  • Distributed e-mail.
  • E-mail (IMAP, POP, Spot-On).
  • Echo public-key distribution system.
  • End-to-End, not Hop-to-Hop encryption.
  • FreeBSD, Linux, Mac, OS/2, OpenBSD, Windows.
  • GPG-lite via Rosetta.
  • Infinite listeners and neighbors.
  • Integrated file encryption of directories and files.
  • Mac and Windows install targets: make install!
  • Messaging.
  • Multitasking kernel.
  • Natively compiled on Alpha, ARM, PowerPC, Sparc64, X86, X86_64.
  • Optional SSL/TLS.
  • Poptastic, or, communications through e-mail. IMAP, POP3, SMTP.
  • Portable.
  • PowerPC.
  • Private applications. Stream through Spot-On.
  • Private group communications.
  • Quantum-Computing Secure McEliece Algorithm
  • RSS feeder.
  • Raspberry Pi.
  • Record e-mail of offline destinations.
  • Remote accounts.
  • Rosetta stationery.
  • Search engine via PostgreSQL and SQLite.
  • Simple software firewall.
  • Socialist Millionaires Protocol.
  • Sparc.
  • Themes.
  • Threefish CBC.
  • UDP multicast, unicast.
  • Ultra StarBeam file sharing.
  • WebSockets.
  • Windows portable.

Audience: Science/Research, Advanced End Users, Developers, End Users/Desktop, Security Professionals, Security.
User interface: Qt.
Programming Language: C++.
Database Environment: PostgreSQL (pgsql), SQLite.

Chat, Email Clients, Cryptography, Messaging

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