geokarambola online with Winfy

We have hosted the application geokarambola in order to run this application in our online workstations with Wine or directly.

Quick description about geokarambola:

Java library (GPL 3.0 licence) with:

GpxParser, GpxFileIo, GpxStreamIo:
- GPX formated I/O

GpxTrackUtils with:
- track to route conversion

GpxRouteUtils with:
- Route simplification/reduction
- Route length calculus
- Route reversion

GpxUtils with:
- Point/Route/Track filtering (by type, distance, length)
- Point/Route/Track sorting (by type, name, distance, length, age)
- Point/Route/Track merging & purging (duplicated/overlaping)

Geo for:
- geodesic distance
- horizontal distance
- bearing between 2 points
- turning angle from bearing
- distance from a point to a line segment

R3 for 3D vector algebra:
- addition
- subtraction
- dot product
- scalar product
- cross product
- distance between points
- distance from point to line segment
- distance from point to path

Units with:
- uniform distance formating
- uniform speed formating

  • GpxParser
  • GpxTrackUtils (track to route conversion)
  • GpxUtils (Track & Route reduction, reversion, filtering, sorting, merging, purging)
  • Geo calculator (distances, bearings, normalized turning angles)
  • R3 (3D) vectorial algebra (add, sub, scalar product, dot product, cross product, distance)
  • Units (METRIC, IMPERIAL, NAUTICAL) formating


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