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We have hosted the application fountain libre office tools in order to run this application in our online workstations with Wine or directly.

Quick description about fountain libre office tools:

Fountain Tools for LibreOffice is a freeware toolset to easily create professionally formatted screenplays "from scratch," sourced from platform-independent and future-proof fountain text files (or, a subset of fountain), including proper handling of elements that span pages (no widows or orphans--it's a layout thing), and formatting which so closely mimics the better "bang for your buck" layout of Movie Magic Screenwriter that no reader will be the wiser. In other words, it may shorten your screenplay without annoying readers.

For more about fountain, see: http: // or see my introduction to it in this included document:

Documentaiton.odt / .pdf

That document will also walk you through how to install and use this toolset.

This toolset also makes it relatively easy to create ebooks ready for any electronic book platform or distribution service, sourced from fountain text documents.

  • Fountain screen format compatible
  • Visual and written installation and use guide (see Documentation.pdf)
  • Formatted screenplays very closely mimic Movie Magic Screenwriter output (fits more words on a page without annoying readers = lower page count)
  • Format output in hybrid screenplay / fountain format for ebooks
  • Write screenplays in future-proof plain text, format them in free software
  • Manage global screenplay font/styles
  • Free as in speech and beer
  • Documentation links to a semi-condensed, libre courier font variant, appropriate for fitting more words-per-page in necessarily information-heavy screenplays (e.g. sci-fi)


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