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We have hosted the application figdice in order to run this application in our online workstations with Wine or directly.

Quick description about figdice:

FigDice is a template rendering system, primarily designed for web applications and the dynamic generation of HTML documents.

FigDice puts the view screens (templates) at the centre of the rendering process.
FigDice defines a simple notation based on XML tags and attributes, allowing the engine, using source files very close to the target HTML, to produce the rendering, dynamically enhanced by the Web application's services and presentation layers.

FigDice is independent of the programming language and the FigDice XML files are portable across its implementations.

Full source code documentation here: http: //

  • Fast, easy and powerful Template Engine
  • XML syntax for your Templates: you gain built-in validation
  • Instructions are extended attributes inside your HTML tags: you can display your templates WYSIWYG in your browser/editor
  • Manipulate your data with the help of a simple and powerful expression parser
  • Built-in i18n, using keys/values from cached XML dictionaries
  • Inclusions, loops, conditions, with a non-intrusive syntax inside the document
  • No programming required, for the Template designers
  • Hermetic separation between the application's layers (Presentation / Logics)
  • Inversion of control: the Templates pull the data on-demand. The controllers need not know the templates by heart beforehand

Audience: Developers.


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