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We have hosted the application extensible modular hypervisor framework in order to run this application in our online workstations with Wine or directly.

Quick description about extensible modular hypervisor framework:

XMHF is no longer in active development. It is superseded by uberXMHF (uber eXtensible Micro-Hypervisor Framework) which is available at: http: //uberxmhf.org

XMHF is an eXtensible and Modular Hypervisor Framework that strives to be a comprehensible and flexible platform for performing hypervisor research and development. The framework allows others to build custom (security-sensitive) hypervisor-based solutions (called "hypapps").

XMHF advocates a "rich" single-guest execution model where the hypervisor framework supports only a single-guest and allows the guest direct access to all performance-critical system devices and device interrupts.

XMHF currently runs on recent multicore x86 hardware virtualized platforms with support for dynamic root of trust and nested (2-dimensional) paging. The framework is capable of running unmodified legacy multiprocessor capable OSes such as Windows and Linux.

Documentation available at: http: //xmhf.sourceforge.net/doc

Audience: Science/Research, Developers, Security.

Programming Language: Assembly, C.


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