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We have hosted the application exd in order to run this application in our online workstations with Wine or directly.

Quick description about exd:

Command-line tool to examine or edit bytes in hex, octal, binary, or in packet capture (pcap) dumps. Exd is intended to be used in conjunction with hex dump tools such as xxd, od, hexdump, or hd, and with packet capture dump tools such as tshark and text2pcap.

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byte hex octal binary pcap packet packet dump hexdump

  • command-line for easy scripting
  • hex, octal or binary radix
  • highlight bytes with pointers
  • show context lines before and after the target indices
  • works on binary files (using xxd) or on hex, octal or binary dumps
  • works on pcap files (using tshark/text2pcap) or on packet capture dumps
  • highlight contiguous range of bytes or bytes at a list of indices
  • ascertain values of bytes
  • verify values of bytes
  • edit values of bytes
  • for pcaps or pcap dumps, can filter packets using the packet summary line for frame number, time, source, destination, protocol or frame length
  • understands all the time formats which tshark uses
  • for pcap dumps, can filter packet details (-V option in tshark) using multiple user-defined regular expressions

Audience: Advanced End Users, System Administrators, Developers, Testers, Security Professionals.
User interface: Command-line.
Programming Language: Unix Shell, AWK.


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