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Quick description about cvtrpgfree:

This IBM i (aka iSeries, AS400) command provides for code modernisation by converting fixed-format RPG and RPGLE source code into fully free-form RPGLE source in a non-destructive manner.

* H-Specs
* F-Specs
* D-Specs
* C-Specs
* P-Specs (Subprocedures)
* Key Lists
* Parameter Lists


NOTE: Requires V7R2M0 or higher.

Some Background:
This started out as a 'quick and dirty' program for my own needs, but it got a little out of hand! : ) It's not an example of my best work, as it has grown organically over time, rather than having been built sytematically, so hopefully you'll forgive some of my coding faux-pas.

** If you find something that won't convert, or doesn't convert properly, please let me know, and I'll fix it for you and the benefit of everyone else. **

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  • Non-destructive conversion: The utility converts the source from one member to a new member (the original source is left untouched), converting, where possible, fixed-format code to free-form code.
  • Clearer, cleaner code: Free-form code (both new and existing) is indented to show nesting, and all opcodes are converted to a standard case format for consistency. Comments are tidied up and can be indented to follow the code indentation, making the code much easier on the eye.
  • Definition consolidation: All in-line field definitions are moved to 'D' specs. Duplicate definitions (which do not generate compiler errors when defined in fixed-format) are dropped to avoid confusion.
  • Consistent free-form definitions: File, constant and variable declarations are converted to their free-form equivalents (see caveats in documentation).
  • CMS-friendly: Converted lines retain their original change date and line markers in order to avoid flagging changes in CMSes that use such features to track changes.
  • Audit Report: An audit report is produced listing every source member processed by the utility, detailing the number of lines, the number of lines converted and a conversion ratio.
  • Mass conversion: The utility can be run for all members of a source file, enabling the mass conversion of legacy code to the latest free-form version.

Audience: Developers.

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