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We have hosted the application crystal mixer in order to run this application in our online workstations with Wine or directly.

Quick description about crystal mixer:

Crystal Mixer is based on OpenAL engine surround sound mixer. It supports up to 8 direct output and input channels and up to 18 output channels through 3D mixer. It works through ASIO Driver API for versatility. Possible to use up to 15 customizable auxiliary effects. It is also possible Hardware acceleration with some sound cards.

As player foobar2000 recommended (create custom channel mapping in ASIO panel), you can also use plugin foo_dsp_fsurround (https: //,52235.0.html) to produce up to 16.1 output channels, or use something else.

Tested with: Windows 10, foobar2000, Aimp, MPC-HC with Multichannel ASIO Render Filter, JRiver Media Center, Sound Forge, Voice Meeter.

Current version: v1.2.0.0

Setup instructions for programms see on website:

  • Changes in v1.2.0.0:
  • - Recompile with Visual Studio 2019 and Qt 5.13.1;
  • Openal Soft library updated to 1.19.1;
  • Fixed 32 bit depth audio output with new Openal Soft library;
  • Added support for HDPI sreen resolution displays in CrystalMixer panel and alsoft-config panel;
  • Features:
  • Crystal Mixer x86 and x64 versions (x64 installer in Files)
  • 32 bit float/ fixed point I/O
  • EFX, EAX20 and movement effects
  • Possible Hardware Acceleration with some sound cards


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