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We have hosted the application cryptomac in order to run this application in our online workstations with Wine or directly.

Quick description about cryptomac:

Automating macchanger tasks for my friend 'crypt0_buf' sutch as: change mac address, set TX-Power, code region settings, signal strength, set network-manager cloned mac address, Build/delete cryptostart init.d startup entry, use arpon software to prevent arp poison attacks (MitM).

WARNING: this script needs the 'startup.txt' file to build cryptostart init.d startup entry (script auto-start)

  • 1 - set Tx-Power and code region (iw + iwconfig)
  • 2 - manually change your mac address (macchanger --mac)
  • 3 - random change your mac address (macchanger -r)
  • 4 - change mac settings to default (permanent mac)
  • 5 - build init.d startup script (cryptostart)
  • 6 - deactivate cryptostart script from runing at system startup
  • 7 - activate cryptostart script from runing at system startup
  • 8 - delete cryptostart script from /etc/init.d folder
  • 9 - run 'arpon' anti-arp-poison software
  • 10 - display network info (watch+iw)
  • ---
  • H - help file
  • E - exit script


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