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We have hosted the application cortos simple cooperative rtos in order to run this application in our online workstations with Wine or directly.

Quick description about cortos simple cooperative rtos:

NEW: V 1.10 - Adds general purpose semaphores

CoRTOS is a Cooperative Real Time Operating System for bare-metal applications. Its advantages over other systems are that it is fully documented with a manual and examples, is easy to understand and use and is astonishingly simple - the kernel is just 16 lines of C - but the system includes delays, timers, messaging, mutexes and signaling. It is intended for smaller microprocessors, such as the AVR, MSP430, PIC24 and Cortex M0+, and for smaller systems of maybe a dozen tasks.

CoRTOS is not a task scheduler.

CoRTOS works like any other RTOS. Tasks schedule themselves, picking up where they left off after making a call to the OS.

Please feel free to send questions to [email protected]

The intended audience includes:
� Those needing a small footprint RTOS;
� Students learning about real time systems;
� Makers wanting to program "close to the metal"

  • World's simplest RTOS


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