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Quick description about conan rpg 2d20 spreadsheet:

Fan made Conan RPG 2d20 by Modiphius Spreadsheet.

If you are a skilled Excel programmer and you are interrested in helping with the project do not hesitate to contact me at [email protected] .

  • GM Tools File
  • NPC Builder
  • Complications
  • Option for users to add their own Complications!
  • Notify users once they open the Spreadsheet if a new version is online to download
  • Fully and 99% automatical Character Creation according to Modiphius Rules
  • Advanced Character Creation (For campaigns that players start already with Experience points to invest)
  • Guidelines on how to use the Spreadsheet properly
  • Full list and details of Equipment , Belogings
  • Confirmation (Approved / Disapproved) on armory if a user pick armor that cover same hit locations
  • Seperated Inventory items and auto calculation of encumberance (Low Load, Heavy Load and corresponding Penalties)
  • Full list of Lotuses and uses
  • Full list of Spells
  • Full list of Hyborian Deities
  • Printable Character Sheet (3 Pages)

Programming Language: Visual Basic for Applications (VBA).


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