avr libethernet online with Winfy

We have hosted the application avr libethernet in order to run this application in our online workstations with Wine or directly.

Quick description about avr libethernet:

A callback handler based ethernet stack implementation optimized for AVR microcontrollers. For now, the only controller supported is the ENC28J60. However it is easy to integrate different controllers as the interface your driver has to provide is fairly simple.

Developed by the hobbyist programmers and electrical engineering students Niklas Fritz and Alexander Gladis

  • Automatically handles low-level stuff such as ARP and ICMP
  • Easy-to-use TCP and UDP functions
  • DNS host name resolving and NTP time queries are built-in!
  • If desired, all network settings can be configured automatically via DHCP
  • Using preprocessor defines in a config file, you can setup which features you need - so for example TCP won't take any byte of precious space if you don't use it!
  • Advanced features such as automatic link status detection (and an optional callback informing you of changes)
  • The provided circuit layout of a fully featured sample board allows less experienced users to easily set up the required hardware

Programming Language: C.


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