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We have hosted the application apparat in order to run this application in our online workstations with Wine or directly.

Quick description about apparat:

Apparat is a powerful C++ framework for linux programmers. It presents handy and practical facilities, including following: advanced smart pointers (strong and weak handles), set of containers (array, list, map, sector, cycle buffer, priority queue), own powerful signal/slot mechanism (signal can connect with slots in other threads), functors and functor's map, threads and timers, state machines, input/output streams and serialization, serial port, sockets and so on.

Apparat is a set of C++ source files, that can be compiled with your project.

Folder 'test' in source tree contains some examples of using Apparat.

For assembling your projects I am suggesting my own project management system based on standard 'make'. Root of this system is ingenious 'GNUMakefile' that automatically generates rules for compiling of all files in project's source tree and linking generated object files in executable file or library.

See README for details.

Programming Language: C++.


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