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We have hosted the application anthillaos in order to run this application in our online workstations with Wine or directly.

Quick description about anthillaos:

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Usable as test/dev exercise for appliances

An x86 64bit gentoo image customized for readonly usage as appliances, fully functional and complete of more than 1000 pkg based on a gentoo+systemd distro.

Hypervisor (kvm or xen)
Storage (ZFS and Gluster)
Container (Docker)
Networking (iproute2, nftable, OpenVSwitch, Bird)

Antd (http: // )
web based management

all open source components from other projects are released under respective licenses, all parts, files,subprojects developed as part or this project are released under the BSD 3 clause license.

  • ZFS
  • Samba 4.2.12
  • kernel 4.4.x aufs from gentoo sources with powerfull configuration (most builtin)
  • systemd minimal set of services, plus a set of custom runlevel that permits to load external defined services during boot
  • squash xz compressed (so read only) booting image
  • Docker, HAProxy, Teamd, KVM/Libvirt, Gluster, LXC and a lot of high availability and semplified deploying method included and working out of the box.
  • fully rebuilded and coherent linux system
  • near 1200 pkgs System
  • grub2 with a simplyfied maintenance
  • innovative and particular tools included, Filesystems, networking
  • latest releases or git versions.
  • zram and tmpfs usage.
  • php7 and Mono 4.4.10 included (ready to be an appliance)
  • fully 64bit System
  • fully a standard Gentoo compiled and boxed system, cleaned (/etc/portage, ports and /var/db/pkg) are separated as DEV pkg
  • git included
  • boot with dhcp enabled for eth0, user: root, password: root
  • do you want do change anything? Overmount, from /mnt/cdrom/DIRS/DIR_path_your_dir and reload services
  • think to leave system image untouched. experiment with mount, mount -t tmpfs, mount -o bind on files and dirs. and jump readonly limits
  • looks for tips.*.tips files for summary description in the /mnt/cdrom structure.

Audience: Advanced End Users, System Administrators, Developers, Architects, Testers, Security Professionals.
User interface: Non-interactive (Daemon), Console/Terminal, Command-line.

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