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We have hosted the application aglyph in order to run this application in our online workstations with Wine or directly.

Quick description about aglyph:

Aglyph is a Dependency Injection framework for Python, supporting type 2 (setter) and type 3 (constructor) injection.

Aglyph runs on CPython (http: // 2.7 and 3.4+, and on recent versions of the PyPy (http: //>),Jython (http: //, IronPython (http: //, and Stackless Python (http: // variants.

Aglyph can assemble "prototype" components (a new instance is created every time), "singleton" components (the same instance is returned every time), "borg" components (a new instance is created every time, but all instances of the same class share the same internal state), and "weakref" components (the same instance is returned as long as there is at least one "live" reference to the instance in the running application).

Aglyph can be configured using a declarative XML syntax, or programmatically in pure Python using a fluent API.

  • supports templates (i.e. component inheritance) and lifecycle methods
  • works with any kind of object creation pattern you'll encounter (constructor, factory function/method, attribute/property access, import)
  • non-intrusive wiring style (no decorators, naming conventions, or any other syntactic "magic" needed)
  • if it can be imported, it can be injected (even 3rd party libs, Java/.NET classes)
  • fully logged and traced

Audience: Developers, Architects.

Programming Language: Python.


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